Weekend Vacation Finds

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Finds from a recent weekend vacation thru Columbia County, NY and Western MA: 

  1. Dish towels – Hammertown in Rhinebeck, NY
  2. Woodlot palo-santo rose mist – The Store at Five Corners in Williamstown, MA
  3. Glass vases – Hoogs and Crawford Modern Glass Studio in Canaan, NY
  4. Mini boat painting by Potak – Cake Gallery in Bennington, VT
  5. Hudson Valley Skin Care coconut chapstick – Taste NY in Todd Hill, NY
  6. Black currant tea – The Store At Five Corners in Williamstown, MA
  7. Tomato seeds – Taste NY in Todd Hill, NY
  8. Nautical bookmark – Cake Gallery in Bennington, VT

Store Links:

Hammertown: https://www.hammertown.com

Five Corners:https://www.facebook.com/The-Store-at-Five-Corners-155115901175283/

Hoogs and Crawford: http://www.hoogsandcrawford.com/hoogsandcrawford/Home.html

The Cake Gallery: https://www.facebook.com/CakeArtisanGallery

Taste of NY: http://ccedutchess.org/taste-ny-at-todd-hill

Brand Links:

Woodlot: http://shopwoodlot.com/collections/all/products/rose-palo-santo-calming-mist

Hudson Valley Skin Care: https://hudsonvalleyskincare.com/store/face-and-lips/











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