The Great Chocolate Chip Cookie Debate


Sometimes a good chocolate chip cookie can make a day better. In my opinion the best chocolate chip cookies are on the soft side, with a higher content of chocolate chips than flour. I plan to catch up on posts by sharing information on this much debated topic 🙂

Chocolate Chip Nut Cookie (pictured above) by Bread Alone found at Union Square Farmer’s Market. and

Casbah by Rubyzaar (amazing combo of chocolate chip and fresh mint!). Fantastic selection of cookies at Union Square Holiday Market and Williamsburg Smorgasburg.                                    and

Chocolate Royal (pictured below, chocolate chip with coconut flakes and macadamia nuts) found at Alta Mountain. Note: Only found in Watson Cafe and Baldy Brews. Kudos to whoever created this marvelous cookie. I took two back to NYC and wish I brought ten…


Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie by Levain Bakery. They serve cookies warm, just out of the oven!

Sour Cherry and Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie by Metropolitan Bakery. Nice twist on a classic! They have great ice tea also 🙂

Dark Chocolate Chip & Sea Salt Cookie by the Smile To Go. Delicious. The ice tea was great too.

Cafe M Studio in NYC has a delicious chocolate chip cookie, and an excellent gluten free hazelnut chocolate chip blondie. Cafe M Studio also makes fresh ice tea from your choice of a Harney and Son tea!

Excellent chocolate chip cookie by The Good Batch found at Birch Coffee (another place for fantastic ice tea).



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